Best Travel Movies of All Time

The best way to fuel your appetite to travel, in my opinion, is by watching movies. Every time I sit down to watch a movie set in another country, I inevitably end up with my laptop in hand, searching for the places I am seeing on screen. I get so excited, traveling with the characters on-screen. Here are a few of my favourite travel movies:

(these are my favourite movies about travelers, not necessarily that just take place in another country)

Midnight in Paristravel movies

Midnight in Paris follows Gil Pender through Paris as he mysteriously travels back in time every night to enjoy Paris in the roaring 20s. He basically gets to hang out with the Fitzgeralds, Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, Picasso, Dali, and more every night. I just love this movie because it is basically Paris idealized. It shows the bakeries, patisseries, music, and nightlife that everyone thinks of when they go to Paris. Whether or not that is reality, this movie makes me yearn for France every time.

EuroTriptravel movies

Okay, this movie may be a little cheesy, but it manages to take you to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Bratislava, Berlin and Rome in one movie. This was the first movie that made me want to backpack Europe, even though it may be ridiculously stereotypical. This movie is just fun (and Matt Damon even makes an appearance…)

One Weektravel movies

This is the ultimate Canadian road trip movie. Ben Tyler gets diagnosed with cancer, buys a motorcycle, and takes off from Toronto to Vancouver. This movie is just touching and shows you all the best parts of Canada – not just the landscape, but the people as well.

The Waytravel movies

When his son dies on the Camino de Santiago, in Spain, Thomas Avery goes to collect the remains in France, and decides to continue his son’s unfinished trek. He travels throughout Spain to Galicia, and meets fellow trekkers along the way. This movie will make everyone want to walk the Camino.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mittytravel movies

This is a relatively recent addition to the list, but I think merits it all the same. Walter Mitty hasn’t done anything or gone anywhere his entire life, but sets off to find a lost photo. While the movie takes place in Greenland, Iceland, and Afghanistan – though the entire movie was filmed in Iceland. It can inspire any non-traveler to get out there and travel.

In Brugestravel movies

Colin Farrel’s hitman character in this movie absolutely hates Bruges, Belgium when forced to go there for a job. However, everytime he says he hates Bruges, it is contradicted by some beautiful scenes of Bruges at Christmastime. This movie actually inspired me to go to Bruges, considering I had never even heard of it before watching this movie.

Roman Holidaytravel movies

You can’t not love this Audrey Hepburn classic. While there are a few movies I enjoy about escaping your life in Rome (the Lizzie McGuire movie might be included on that list…) Roman Holiday is by far the best. It also shows a very picturesque Rome, taking place in the 1950s… though I’m not that convinced the Spanish Steps were ever that empty.

Mamma Miatravel movies

It may be a lame addition, but Mamma Mia is my guilty pleasure movie. I watch it easily once a month. There is no way you can watch this movie without longing to swim in the Aegean Sea (or dance on the dock). I must say, it is probably my favourite travel movie.


Do you agree with these my list? What are your favourite travel movies? Let me know in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Best Travel Movies of All Time”

  1. I loved walter mitty. I saw it in theatres and when the movie ended I just sat there happy. I loved how it showed the way travel can change a person. Granted it wasn’t super realistic, but its the way I feel sometimes.
    Rebekah recently posted…Getting LostMy Profile

    1. I know, me and my boyfriend were basically ready to hop on a plane to Iceland/Greenland/Anywhere after we saw it!

  2. I loved The secret life of Walter Mitty! Such a refreshing and inspiring movie in quite a long time. Ben Stiller created very sympathetic character — he should get more serious roles like this for himself. He was also directing, wasn´t he? So, another good point for him in my eyes:)

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